A task of E-platform www.ngolatvia.lv is to give an opportunity to the third country nationals in a simple and comprehensive manner to get information about non-governmental organizations (NGO), on possibilities to engage in activities implemented by these organizations, on NGO topic issues and implemented projects, and to receive practical and useful information to third country nationals arriving and living in Latvia.

Here you may find information about NGO that already is dealing with specific target audience and about organizations who have ideas and desire to work with third country nationals in future not only as service providers but also engaging these people in their organization`s everyday work (for example, as volunteers) or in the framework of various projects.

This resource serves as the opportunity before arriving to clarify options about engaging in welcoming social activities, finding out contact information of interested NGO and also to participate in discussions and learn experience by others who were in similar situations.

Here you may find information about NGO that:

  • represent interests of third country nationals;
  • deal with cultural, interests a.o. issues of third country nationals or there are involved third country nationals; 
  • provide services to third country nationals;
  • are open organization and wish to work or engage in their activities third country nationals.

Considering the most often used languages by third country nationals, this resource is available in Latvian, English and Russian languages, there is provided access to information for a broad scope of interested people – you can browse it from your computer and smartphone and it is friendly to people with vision impairments. 

E-platform has been created in the framework of the "Society Integration Foundation" project „TOGETHER. UNITED. ACTIVE.” It`s general aim is to promote civil activity of third country nationals and strengthen the role of NGO in bilateral integration processes in Latvia.

„Society Integration Foundation has established the e-platform www.ngolatvia.lv in the framework of the project „TOGETHER. UNITED. ACTIVE.” (contract No. IF/2011/1.a./16) funded by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals (75%) and Latvian state budget (25%). The responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the Society Integration Foundation, as well as information posted is each user`s own responsibility.”

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