Name, surname: Zeshan Ghumman

 Country of origin: Pakistan, Sialkot  (City in the east of Pakistan – At the border between Pakistan and India)

 Currently: studies at the University of Latvia (3rd year Rezident of Family Medicine).

 Hobbies: cricket

 Lives in Latvia since November, 2009 

What were your first feelings arriving in Latvia? 

I brightly remember the Trip from Riga airport on Bus 22 – I enjoyed it. You have a fantastic center of old city. However, when I arrived at my tentative living place, the student hostel Prima on Rēzekne street (outskirts of Maskava) there was a huge contrast. In the hostel lived nice people but feelings were not nice when going out from the hostel. 

Name, please, three things that you miss most of all living in Latvia? 

I`m from a very nice city of Pakistani – Sialkot, Famous for its Surgical instruments and sports manufacturing Industries. 

Title: Association „Latvian Red Cross” branch „Latvian Youth Red Cross”






Mission/vision or inspiring quote: We are so different but we have one common aim!

Filed of activity: social assistance, education, qualitative free time spending for children and young people  

Home page: and

Twitter account:

Operates since: 1922

Name: Association „Workshop of Solutions” 

Goals: invite together decision makers and those to whom these decisions – projects, legislation, policy and services - apply. Promote and support the society involvement in decision-taking at local, national and EU level. 

Activity field: public involvement, policy analysis; dialogue between authorities and people. 

Home page:

Operating since: 2009

Provided services to third country nationals: integration policy analysis, education and information about living environment for students, third country nationals in Latvia; education and methodic materials for student associations in work with the third country nationals; organizing of discussions; analysis of problematic issues and communication with public institutions.

Title: Society “Shelter “Safe House”"


Mission: Latvia – a safe house for different people! 

Field of activity: Society “Shelter “Safe House”” was established on August 6, 2007 with the aim to develop support services to victims of human trafficking, legal immigrants, including asylum seekers, refugees and persons granted subsidiary protection status by ensuring the individual’s right to receive adequate assistance and protection; promoting rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of human trafficking into the society; creating interactive forms of training, and expanding cooperation with state and local government institutions, public and Christian organizations in Latvia and worldwide. 

Home page:

Twitter account:


 Name, surname: John Kalniņš 

 Born, raised: USA, Minnesota, Western Coast 

 Profession: renovator of yachts 

 Hobbies: kitesurfing, surfing, cycling 

 Currently: „cures” yachts and kites in Latvia  


Humor helps

John and Linda Kalnini with their two little girls arrived in Latvia during Christmas, 2012 when there was an extreme freeze below 20 centigrade. The American`s wife Linda is Latvian who has lived in the USA for ten years.  Now they are living in Riga near the sea.  

“I want to raise children in Latvia because it is better to do it here and not in America,” thinks Linda. This precondition was also one of the incentives for the family to move to live in Latvia. For the present they think they will stay here.

However, more and more they feel that to survive here you have to be very strong and with humor.  The everyday life with two small children differs here a lot from America. And now – not in a good sense of that.

Name, Surname: Yulia Ghumman

Age: 23 years

Country of origin: Ukraine

Hobbies: jogging, photographing, travelling, European projects, ecological, green and healthy lifestyle

Currently: studying at Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management of the Riga Technical University – Entrepreneurship and Management 

The silent phone and mom’s varenyky

„That was the toughest period in my life... the survival time... for the first time abroad, new country, different language,” admits Ukrainian Yulia, who lives in Latvia relatively not a long time. Before arrival she had no illusions or stereotypes about Latvia and the life here. She makes her opinion on her own. The only thing she knew before arrival was the international competition “New Wave” that takes place in Jurmala and concerts in Dzintari concert hall she watched with pleasure on Ukrainian TV channels when she was a little girl. 

„Society Integration Foundation has established the e-platform in the framework of the project „TOGETHER. UNITED. ACTIVE.” (contract No. IF/2011/1.a./16) funded by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals (75%) and Latvian state budget (25%). The responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the Society Integration Foundation, as well as information posted is each user`s own responsibility.”

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